Welcome to A4P Awards

Troubled times disturb our personal peace, our global peace. We are besieged daily with images of suffering, political hatred, racial division and separation of cultures. ART is the catalyst for PEACE. When we unite in music, art, theater, dance, martial arts, sports and fashion, we share one space, one heart. In the moments of sharing, our universe transforms into the beautiful space of our dreams.

A4P AWARDS is the first ever collective celebration of the arts of every culture. It is the balm for the anger and division, massaging the cultures into one peaceful oasis. The purpose of the awards is to demonstrate to each nation how vitally important their culture is to the tapestry of world peace. Diversity brings the bright colors of the fabric of “us”, the unified peoples with gifts to share. Through ART, we unite and celebrate. Our vision is to provide opportunities to artists of all ages and categories spanning 7 continents.

The Vision of Munni Irone

She is an humanitarian philanthropist, a celebrity coach, an author of seven books.

The founder of ARTS 4 PEACE is Munni Irone. Humanitarian, Speaker, Author, Coach, Trainer and Philanthropist, Munni created the infrastructure to guide people to live an extraordinary life. She founded a rehab center to cure the human short-falls, emotional distress, lack of direction and lack of motivation. She coaches, helps with goal-setting, emotional rescue and sends a life-line to people needing change. In her quest to help others to help themselves, Munni chooses to lead by example.
Munni never got paid for her services. She ask her clients to support any of her charities they like. She is free from attachments. habits and things. She don't like to preach people, she just wants share her life stlye of freedom and contentment.

Together, ONLY, can we have a global impact.

ARTS FOR PEACE AWARDS IS A 501(C)(3) non-profit foundation based upon the timeless principles of Wisdom, Peace, and Love. Munni Irone, the founder of our organization, belongs to the Era of Conscience and has been practicing Qigong since the age seven. We are not here to preach to anyone, rather we would just like to share our lifestyle. Only by understanding our common purpose in life, can we transform the world for the better.

The Arts for Peace organization is fully committed to non-violence. We believe in engaging the world with Wisdom and the Arts. The Arts for Peace awards is founded to raise funds for different charities and to build Wisdomlands around the world. Wisdomland is a dream to assist those in need through self-sustaining institutions that teach life skills such as technology, cosmetology, stress management, and other vital skills necessary to scucceed in today’s hectic world. Munni Irone wishes to start from Los Angeles where she is very active in supporting those in need.

Munni Irone’s passion for love and peace came from her early experiences with her Chinese Shifu, then J. Khrishnamurti, and finally through Dr. Hong Toa Tze - The founder of Era of Conscience.

We believe Dr. Hong is one of the rare truly enlightened global peace leaders, who has already managed to successfully create a happy, wise, and content community via the Tai Je Men Academy. Yes, people are actually happy!!!!! Everyone is welcome. This platform has love, peace, and the community support to keep reminding us of the wisdom gained through the Qigong. This is not an exercise, it is a holistic lifestyle of Love and Peace.

Munni Irone and our Global Peace Leader stands for:

  • Advocating non-violence to achieve complete freedom from fear via Wisdom and The Arts.
  • Spreading Happiness and Contentment through sharing our lifestyle.
  • Achieving world peace through religious diversity and national harmony.

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